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of its own

Pull up a chair, unfold your napkin, take a bite and close your eyes: at La Creuzette we take the art of dining seriously. Our produce is wholly organic, the meat we serve is sustainably raised and the fruit and legumes are seasonally selected.

The culinary experience at La Creuzette is superbly varied – guest chefs offer cookery demonstrations, several of which are hands-on sessions, and the guests on our cooking programme get the chance to work with internationally acclaimed chefs.

La Creuzette’s culinary evolution is captured in two popular publications: Festive France enjoyed six editions in English and Afrikaans and one in German. The Story of a House is La Creuzette’s most recent title: a storybook/cookbook with more than 90 recipes and captivating tales about the region and its culinary history and traditions.

When you sit down at an imaginatively prepared table at La Creuzette, you are in for a festive treat. The crockery, crystal and flatware are never used twice during your stay – not because we are overly fussy, but because we care about the creative presentation of our menus and strive to make our guests’ experience unforgettable. It is true that you also eat with your eyes.

Have you heard about our cooking classes?

We offer a range of informative and enriching cooking classes in La Creuzette’s well-equipped summer kitchen. These enlightening sessions are separate from our holiday packages and can be reserved as a day visit. Assemble a group of friends and custom-make your creative culinary session in the kitchen. Or make it a family get-together. There is a range of classes available, focused on lunch or dinner. Add a market visit to your session and hand-pick the produce you will transform into a delectable feast. Classes accommodate a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12 and can be presented in English or French.

Try our

cooking packages

Morning Cooking Class with Lunch

Decipher and master the techniques and mysteries of classical French cuisine. Hone your kitchen skills with new recipes and develop a culinary savoir faire in a hands-on session with Hardy Olivier, co-author of several acclaimed cookery books. As the finale, sit down to feast on your delectable handiwork at a beautifully dressed table.

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€ 75 pp

Morning Market and Cooking Class

Take a pleasant walk with Hardy Olivier to Boussac’s village square where the region’s fresh produce is on show every Thursday morning. Everything that a cook may desire is to be found in this charming French country market: delicious seasonal fruit and hearty vegetables, freshly baked bread, cheese and fish delivered from La Rochelle at dawn. There are live chickens and even some petit lapins.

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€ 80 pp

Afternoon Cooking Class with Dinner

At La Creuzette we take the art of cooking seriously and when you join us for a hands-on cooking session you will be part of a festive treat. The kitchen sessions are creatively constructed by Hardy Olivier and are informative and scrumptious culinary experiences. During these classes you will get expert instruction on creating an authentic French meal. In the evening you will sit down at a beautifully dressed table and feast on your creative fare.

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€ 110 pp

‘The Story of a House’ Cooking Session

Join Hardy Olivier in La Creuzette’s summer kitchen for a private cooking class. You will prepare an exciting menu from our new best-seller cookbook, The Story of a House. You will be taught all the tricks of the trade in an inspirational space. Put on an apron, sip a glass of champagne and create your very own five-star dinner. You will want to later replicate this magical culinary experience for your family and friends. Cook like a pro!

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€ 150 pp

Meet our culinary artists:

​Hardy Olivier and Louis Jansen van Vuuren

Hardy Olivier and Louis Jansen van Vuuren, of course, still continue to host and do cookery demonstrations. Their South African interpretations of French classic dishes have become iconic favourites at La Creuzette.

Thierry Finet

The creator of two Michelin-star establishments and the culinary consultant for the international Monin flavour company.

Jean-Jacques Tulleau

An outstanding chef who exclusively works with seasonal produce. “No strawberries in winter!” Previous owner of the renowned Le Relais Creusois restaurant in Boussac.

Philippe Vacheyroux

A classically trained pastry chef who offers specialist demonstrations in sugar sculptures and advanced chocolate delights.

Jacky Morlon

Master chef at Le Grenier à Sel in Montluçon where he demonstrates exciting regional menus to our guests.

Christophe Lot

Our guests have the chance to experience an exclusive hands-on session in the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Cercle in Bourges during the evening service.

Rudolf Brand

This chef extraordinaire from Amsterdam’s acclaimed Swych restaurant has made his debut at La Creuzette. His groundbreaking flexitarian approach to cuisine is sensational.

Jouanne Ludovic

A young chef from the local Limousin region who often prepares menus from our recipe books, presenting them with a distinctive twist.

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