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At La Creuzette, we offer a creative collection of exciting seasonal itineraries. These ever-evolving week-long courses are constructed with experts presenting hands-on, interactive classes and lifestyle experiences. Local and international chefs, artists, writers, designers and wine connoisseurs make up the creative team at La Creuzette.

Every holiday is carefully planned and built around guests’ expectations. Exquisite attention to detail makes each La Creuzette package a unique and stimulating event, often referred to by guests as life changing. The all-inclusive programmes incorporate everything from the first glass of champagne to aprons, paints, all excursion fees and tickets. The essence of our motto is to inspire and motivate.

La Creuzette is an exquisite manor house situated in a small historical village that has been occupied since Roman times in the verdant Creuse region of rural France. The area with its impressive woodlands, forests, lakes and famous gardens is ideal for cycling and walks. Evidence of human occupation dates back to pre-history and standing stones such as menhirs and dolmen megalithic tombs can be found everywhere.

Aubusson, the tapestry capital of France, and Limoges, famous for its fine porcelain, are both on our doorstep. Because of the rich diversity of the region, you can customise your programme and create your own bespoke La Creuzette experience.

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